Here’s Why You Should Change The Locks After Buying A House


Getting a new house is exciting, but there are certain precautions that you should take first before settling down. A lot of people forget that they have to change the locks after they buy a new house. Many people do not think it is a big deal, but you must do it. Remember, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Here are some reasons why you should change your locks when you get a new home.

Previous Owners

You have no idea who has copies of the current locks in the house. We are not just talking about the last owners of the house too. Perhaps the people they bought the house from before you never changed the locks which means a number of people could have the keys. Another thing to remember is the previous owners could have given spare copies of the keys to relatives or friends. Changing the locks of your home can make a big yet easy safety precaution.

When Should I Get The Locks Changed

Typically, most people recommend that you change your locks as soon as possible. Most people like to do it the day they start moving into the house so that they feel safe from day one. However, you might want to schedule it one day after closing, that way you can schedule the lock changing service from a reliable Westminster locksmith. This will give you enough time to know what kind of locks you need and to make sure the deal is closed.

Prepare the Right Information

Before you schedule the lock changing service, be sure you have all the right information ready. You should know how many locks you have to change. Remember to take into account the garage, sliding doors and side and back doors as well. You should also take note of what kind of locks there are, like if there is a deadbolt or if a lock is built into your knob.

This gives you the perfect opportunity to upgrade the security in your home too. You might not just want a different set of any kind of lock. You can ask a professional Westminster locksmith to help you choose the best ones for your home. They would help you recommend the right types to suit your home’s needs. Making sure you have the right information ready before scheduling your lock changing service will ensure that you have a smooth lock changing experience.

How Are Locks Changed

Some people like to rekey the locks of their homes, but typically changing the locks is better. It is complicated and invasive though because you need to remove the entire lock then add the new lock. This is why you should get a professional locksmith to change your locks for you. They will install it perfectly to avoid wasting your time or making mistakes.

Getting your locks changed is a great way to upgrade the security in your home. A lot of people could have the current set of keys for your new home and you never know who may try to get into your house. You should get your home new locks before moving in to make sure your safety is not at risk.

If you need help from a Westminster locksmith, contact us at WFX and we’re at your service. Whether you’re locked out, need to rekey, or change locks, we got your back.

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Do you really need to have gutter guards?

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After investing what will likely be a good quantity of loan on your brand-new custom-made gutters you may be thinking about adding gutter guards or a similar type of device to your gutter system. When it pertains to additions to your gutter this is the something that you should always avoid.

Gutter guards are never a good concept, they are more than a waste of cash, they can really help contribute to the demise of your gutter system and increase the likelihood of rainwater destructive your house.

The Drawbacks of Gutter Guards
– There are several kinds of gutter guards, all of them are inadequate for one factor or another. If you get a gutter guard that develops a solid barrier above your gutter to keep debris out, then it’s going to deflect water away allowing it to enter into places where it could possibly harm your home. If you select a screen kind of cover these are susceptible to catching particles, and collapsing, which can trigger your gutters to collapse.

– Gutter guards include weight to your rain gutters. Your gutter are not meant to support this additional weight. Including additional weight and pressure to your rain gutter system will end up causing it to fail prematurely. Then, you will have to invest loan on a replacement gutter system, which is a fairly significant cost.

– If you have gutter guards you are going to invest more money when you have your rain gutters cleaned up and examined. Remember, a gutter cleaning business is going to charge you more loan if they have to do more work. Needing to get rid of and after that change gutter guards certainly constitutes more work, which implies a higher gutter cleaning bill.

– The biggest critic regarding gutter guards is that their main selling point is false. Gutter guards are meant to make it so that you do not have to clean your gutters ever again. Well, anything that sounds too great to be true is typically too excellent to be true. So, you are going to spend cash on gutter guards, then you are going to have to pay to have our gutters cleaned up anyway. That’s not precisely a great usage of your loan now is it?

– Gutter guards likewise give individuals a false sense of security. When you have them installed you most likely believe that your gutters will not get clogged and are safe from being damaged by the weight of particles accumulating in them. This could not be further from the reality, so while you are being in your house unconcerned to the issue your rain gutters might slowly be bent and harmed by the stress of excess weight placed on them.

Gutter guards offer a false pledge that makes them seem like a fantastic idea. After all, why wouldn’t you purchase an item that will make it so you never ever need to pay to have your gutter cleaned ever once again? If an item like this truly existed then, obviously, you need to purchase it. However, it doesn’t exist. Gutter guards promise something, but the truth is totally different.

If you still aren’t encouraged that gutter guards are a bad idea, then take a minute to think of how many gutter cleaning companies there are out there. If gutter guards worked, would they really stay in business?

If gutter guards worked would not everyone have them? The point here is that gutter cleaning companies exist due to the fact that there is a need for their services. There is a need for their services since gutter guards do not do what they claim to be able to do. Please visit : to gather more information.

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