Upping the storage in your home is the easiest way of making your entire space feel cleaner, calmer and better designed. You could have the most beautifully styled room, but if it’s covered in clutter it’s not going to look all that put together. Finding extra storage doesn’t have to be difficult, either. It’s simply a question of making wise, informed decisions that serve you and your lifestyle in the long run. Here are a few easy home storage hacks that you can follow to bring harmony and order to your household…

Look for multifunctional pieces

The fastest way of cleaning up any room is by shopping for pieces that are multifunctional. This will save on space whilst also providing some amazing storage, meaning that the entire room will look more open. Think about using blanket boxes as side tables or coffee tables, display units as bookshelves and storage spots and a chest of drawers as a TV unit. By multi-purposing a few pieces of furniture, you’ll find yourself with a far more comfortable, well thought out living space that works for you and your lifestyle – which is what it’s all about, right? Additional swaps include footstools with hidden storage compartments, desks as dressing tables and bar stools as side tables.

Invest in storage solutions

Investing in clever storage solutions is a simple and smart means of introducing more storage into your home. By taking your time and carefully considering pieces that are stocked full of plenty of drawer, shelf or storage space, you’ll be solving your storage problems for the future as well as the present. Look at well designed, high quality timber or metal pieces for furniture that ages amazingly. Hacks are all well and good, but furniture that’s both well made and full of storage will solve your long term home organisation.

Clean your wires up

Electrical clutter can make your home look far more cluttered and chaotic than it necessarily is. Cleaning up your wires is going to make a huge difference, plus it’s incredibly easy to do. You can either go full on DIY and drill a hole in the back of your entertainment unit or desk and tuck your wires through to the socket, or simply use some tape to hold your wires in place and out of sight. Other electrical clutter like entertainment systems or remote controls can be hidden away in your blanket box or storage savvy coffee table.

Know the difference between clutter and accessories

Of course you want a mess free, clean space to live in, but that doesn’t mean that you have to adopt a strictly minimalist lifestyle! Educate yourself on the difference between introducing a little personality into your home and just ramming it full of odds and ends in an attempt to make it more homely. Be sparing and mindful with how and where you choose to embellish your interiors. Select sentimental objects that mean something to you and your family to put together a room that feels full of character, instead of clutter.

Design within a category

When in doubt, choose a style category and style within it. A few styles that favour a fresh, clean look include mid century modern, minimalism and industrial. Invest in classic pieces crafted from natural material and use your accessories to bring personality and style. Shopping within a category will ensure that you’re following a clean and fresh aesthetic that’s anything but messy!

Follow these tips for a gorgeous, fresh home that’s suited to your lifestyle.

By Sawyer Cole Harris

Sawyer Cole Harris: Sawyer, a DIY enthusiast, shares home project tutorials, woodworking tips, and creative ways to personalize your space.