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The devices will satisfy demanding users who value high quality and comfort. They work great in flats where we care about free space, or we do not want to “disfigure” inserting a large portable device. Due to the high efficiency and energy efficiency, split air conditioners are most often installed in offices.

The choice between one solution and the other depends on the intended use of the equipment. In simplified terms, it can be assumed that portable air conditioning works best in industry, commerce and services (warehouses, kiosks, stores). The stationary system, in turn, perfectly operates in the home environment and in the offices that run offices. When it comes to the aircon chemical overhaul then you will be having the best options now.

Immediate advantage: Thanks to the fact that the device only needs to be connected to the electricity and exposing the discharge pipe to the outside, you can enjoy its operation almost immediately after the purchase.

Who are portable air conditioners for?

Portable air conditioners is an ideal offer for those who do not want to mount the device permanently, because they need to use it occasionally or want to cool down several rooms for a change. It is also a great solution when it is impossible to mount an outdoor unit (eg a historic fa├žade) or interference in the walls inside the room (rented flat, kiosk, small shop).

Stationary air conditioners: Comfort and aesthetics

Split stationary air conditioners are wall devices whose main components, i.e. the condenser and evaporator, are located in two separate housings. The evaporator is located inside the room, and the loudly operating condenser is located outside the building. The only combination of these elements is two copper tubes with a diameter of 6 and 10 mm for the flow of refrigerant and an electric cable. The classic stationary air conditioner has a white color and an oblong shape, although there are also modern models that look like a designer gadget.

Although stationary air conditioning is more expensive than portable, it is unmatched in the simplicity of service and in aesthetics. After installing a good-looking device, you do not need to worry anymore (apart from regular servicing, but this is what the professionals do).

Advantages of split air conditioners:

Quiet operation: Thanks to the separation of the device elements and the placement of louder components in the outside, the air-conditioned room has almost perfect silence (from 19 dB – LG models)

Large selection: New and improved models are growing every year, which are more and more efficient and effective.

Space saving: Thanks to wall mounting, the air conditioner does not occupy the surface in which we are staying.

Aesthetic appearance: Devices of this type are more and more elegant and can also be treated as a room decoration.

High functionality: Even the simplest models have an extensive function system with an air filtration system. They can also heat, not just cool.

High efficiency: The work of split air conditioners is very effective. Operation of the device does not expose us to unnecessary gains of hot air, and the wall positioning allows optimal distribution of cool air.

Energy efficiency: The inverter version is characterized by the minimum consumption of electricity, and thus, the device can be easily connected to the old aluminum electrical system.


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