So, you decided to start your condo renovation. And at the same time, you think about those ideas you viewed on the internet, which referred to how to make your home energy efficient. Of course, you are wondering if this concept applies to a kitchen, too. Well, the answer is yes!

There are plenty of condo renovation ideas that focus on how to make small kitchens more efficient. So, if you are interested in how to reinvent your small kitchen, read on to discover what experts say.

You will be surprised by how straightforward it is to make the best of your condo renovation!

1. Drawers

When you think about a kitchen, you automatically include doors. Well, if you want to make the best of your small kitchen, experts say that drawers are the key to it. In a small space, these storing ideas offer easy and fast access to any item you might need. Besides, drawers are a lot more stylish than traditional cupboard designs.

2. Breakfast Area

Usually, condo owners complain about the lack of space for a table in the kitchen. But did you know that this is actually an excellent opportunity to create a stylish small kitchen? Well, top designers always suggest including in your kitchen design a free-standing countertop, which can be moved around accordingly to your needs. And it is a good condo renovation idea, as it will keep your kitchen uncluttered and open space.

3. Layout

A small kitchen needs a lot of attention to detail. As such, if your kitchen has a U-shaped design, it is best to use slimmer drawers that will enable you to make the best of the space. There is no need to overcrowd a small area with bulky cabinets.

4. Handles

Did you know that a simple accessory such as a handle can make the difference between a sleek kitchen and a dull one? Well, designers say that the visual effect of the drawers and cabinets used in a small kitchen is essential. It would help if you either opted for small ones or completely overlook them from your condo renovation project. Slim pulls doors are the most frequently used nowadays since they provide a smooth and fashionable finish to any cupboard.

5. Appliances

If you have a small kitchenette, you should purchase the appliances carefully. Having big items hardly fitting in your kitchen, won’t make the layout user-friendly. Thus, it would help if you searched for smaller versions for your favourite appliance that will fit nicely in the design of your new kitchen.

6. Walls

The best part about a condo renovation is that you can use any available space, including the walls. And this applies to the kitchen, too. You can use the walls to create additional storage possibilities with the help of shelves, rods, or pegboards. Hanging your tools on the wall will free up most of the space on your countertop. And we can say for sure this will create a sleek looking kitchen!

The bottom line is that a condo renovation with a small kitchen can make room for a lot of creativity. Having a small space to redecorate, doesn’t mean you should compromise on storage or design. Instead, you can create a unique setup for the most frequented area in your home.