Are you trying to decide whether to buy pre-built furniture or hire a carpenter to build it for you? Sure, it’s easy to pick up a few pieces from the local shop and call it good.

But if you want a truly unique home, you’ll want to hire a carpenter to create the perfect piece of custom furniture to fit your space.

Here are a few ways they can create bespoke furniture for your home:

  • Bespoke banquette for the kitchen¬†

Want to create a little breakfast nook in your kitchen? If you have an open area in the kitchen, such as an empty corner or a bay window, a carpenter can build custom banquette seating. A bespoke banquette is the perfect way to fill an otherwise-awkward space.

  • Cozy reading nook under the stairs

Just think of all the wasted space underneath the stairway. Rather than using it to store boxes or brooms, hire a carpenter to create a cozy little reading nook under the stairs. They can make it look any way you like–with a comfortable seat that you can fill with pillows for snuggling, lots of bookshelves for displaying your book collection, and so on.

  • Unique storage bench for the foyer

A custom bench doubles as storage for shoes, hats and mittens, or whatever you like. It can have a tall back with hooks for coats–or no back at all. It can be stained or painted in a colour of your choice. A carpenter can build a bespoke storage bench to fit your exact space and your design personality.

  • Custom fitted wardrobes in the bedroom

Do you have nowhere to store your clothing in the bedroom? Have your carpenter design a custom fitted wardrobe for keeping your clothes organized. They can create a bespoke piece not only to fit your space, but to accommodate your storage needs, whether you need a place to hang fancy evening gowns or simply store away sweaters, shoes, belts, and purses.

If you’re looking to create a unique space in your home, where you and your family can live life to the fullest, the answer is simple: Hire a carpenter to create bespoke furniture for your home. They will give you a piece of furniture that will fit your space and fill your needs, whether that’s in the kitchen, bedroom, or somewhere else.¬†

By Sawyer Cole Harris

Sawyer Cole Harris: Sawyer, a DIY enthusiast, shares home project tutorials, woodworking tips, and creative ways to personalize your space.