Mixing CBD with alcohol is usually not recommended. According to expert naturopathic physicians the therapeutic quality of CBD reduces when it is mixed with alcohol. Alcohol is classified as a toxin, thus not safe to consume with CBD. Numerous people are experimenting by mixing alcohol with CBD for recreational purpose. Their ideas have inspired many alcohol beverage manufacturers to prepare cocktails having CBD in the composition. However, it isn’t still clarified whether this kind of composition is good for consumer’s health.

You get CBD edibles like gummies, cookies, honey sticks and even protein bars in leading shops selling only CBD products like Just CBD store. They all are stated to be quite beneficial for user’s health. Hence, for many of its users, it doesn’t seem a bad idea to mix alcohol with CBD. Before knowing the combined effects of CBD and alcohol, it will be useful to know their distinct qualities.


  • It is a cannabidiol present naturally in the cannabis plants.  It is there in hemp and marijuana plants along with other compounds like THC.
  • CBD extracted from the hemp plant is mainly used for medicinal purpose as the plant has marginal traces of THC (psychoactive element presents in marijuana plants more in proportions).
  • CBD is mainly used to treat both mental and physical health issues. It is a great pain reliever and effective medicine to treat all diseases caused by inflammation. The properties of this supplement help maintain the skin health and relieve them from stress, depression and anxiety.
  • It has the capability to normalize the activity of neurotransmitters and stimulate ECS receptors in the human body. A helpful natural aid to cure insomnia and to improve the immunity level as well.
  • CBD derived from the hemp plant is legal to sell in many countries as it contains only traces of THC.
  • CBD is stated to be safe and natural medicine as it has negligible side effects.


  • It is even known as ethanol, and the intoxicant element present in alcoholic beverage makes the consumer feel drunk.
  • It is formed by combining sugar and yeast in many food substances rich in carbohydrates such as grains, grapes and potatoes.
  • It is stated to be the most unsafe beverage as it alters the state of mind and health of its consumer. It even affects their nervous system making them behave abnormally.
  • Few of the adverse short-term effects of alcohol are feeling drowsy, slurred speech blurring of vision, unable to focus and even experience unconsciousness for many hours.
  • Regular consumption of alcohol is sure to spoil the health of the person and they may experience severe illness.

About mixing CBD in alcohol:

Ethanol is used to make many herbal-based health supplements. Ethanol evaporates once the plant material is mixed in the solution leaving behind a thick liquid having the goodness of CBD, terpenes, cannabinoids and other hemp plant compounds. The mixing of both isn’t a great idea as there are ample chances of CBD losing its healing quality and unable to stimulate the ECS receptors. The combination may be good to reduce anxiety and relaxation of mind however there are sure to be negative aspects to endure as well. Hence, it is best not to mix them.

By Sawyer Cole Harris

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