Split air conditioners have two separate units – internal and external. In the set of each set there is a remote control (infrared) with a display and a daily timer and instructions for use. Professional companies never add to the set or installation pipes, support structures or assembly instructions – such elements can sometimes be found in cheap, so-called. “disposable” split air conditioners offered by, for example, supermarkets. This is a way to attract the customer and get him to buy the device. However, it is not worth to be tempted to such a “super-set”. You can trust the aircon servicing in Singapore service in this matter.

Currently only inverter air conditioners are available on the market

It should be remembered that in addition to the correct selection of the device for our room, it is equally important to connect it. Installation of the air conditioner should be made by an installer with training and appropriate qualifications. This is a necessary condition for the validity of the guarantee of almost every producer. The company can boast of qualified installation teams with over 15 years of experience. It is therefore necessary to treat the device and the assembly service as a necessary unit for the proper functioning of the air conditioner.

Installation of the indoor unit

A typical (longitudinal) internal unit should be installed in a horizontal position, about 10 cm from the ceiling, preferably as close as possible to windows (to immediately take away the heat gain from the sun and prevent the room from heating up). It should be noted here that one should not install the unit above the window because there are reinforcing elements (lintel) and drilling them would be interference in the construction of the building.

  • When installing an indoor air conditioner, do not forget to leave room for service work or cleaning and replacing the filters. Without this, all activities can be very difficult, and in the worst case even impossible.

Installation of the outdoor unit

Outdoor units (aggregates) are most often fastened on structures to the fa├žade of the building or balcony walls, and if it is possible to place it on the balcony, terrace or ground level floor. These devices are resistant and resistant to weather conditions, therefore they do not need additional protection.

Installation of an air conditioner

Portable devices, contrary to appearances, also need to be properly installed. In this case, however, the situation looks a bit different. Well, mobile air conditioning does not install permanently, but you must take care of the discharge of hot air. You can do it in several ways.

The easiest way is to lead the ejection tube through the open window. To prevent heat from entering, just cover them with cardboard or expanded polystyrene or buy a special window seal . These materials provide good protection against hot air coming back inside. Another way is to lead the pipe through a wall or window (if it has, for example, a plexiglass insert). So it will not be possible without drilling, but sometimes it is the best way to effectively operate a air conditioning. There is also the possibility of connecting the pipe to the ventilation grid with a mechanical hood. You have to do it very precisely so that the heat does not escape into the room.


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