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The Smartest Details for the Perfect HDB Renovation


Successful interior design requires a precise determination of your own needs, matching the spatial possibilities and a bit of extravagance. How to maintain moderation and draw the most from our interiors, how it can be done? What is the characteristic rhythm of patterns and colors? Why is a particular style not everything?

Interior design has a long history in the end, we have put a lot of weight on the appearance of the surrounding space for ages. Our house was, is and will be an opposition to the full dangers and chaos of the outside world. The rule and arrangement of the place of residence has always been guided by certain principles. For the HDB renovation packages this is essential

Even today although we live much faster, in our everyday life technology has already become a long-standing one we are repeating old habits when choosing, building and arranging apartments. Once, to ensure prosperity, a bottle of alcohol was walled into the wall. Today the meaning remains identical, but the bottle lands on the table when we invite friends and arrange a housewarming party.

Our homes are no longer our strongholds, but they certainly remain our showcases, so when decorating them, it’s worth remembering a few simple rules. Here are the tips with which interior design will become a bit easier, even if you do not have any experience in this field.

Interior design from scratch: space design and planning

When furnishing the interior, it is worth making a clear project of what we want to achieve. You need to think about the function of each room and clearly define our requirements. If we have enough space, it is worth dividing the house into two zones: private and public. When each of the household members receives their four corners, in which they can feel at home, it will be easier for us to create and take care of a common space that will be more representative.


Guests are usually greeted in the vestibule or hallway, which is why in these places we should look after the appropriate lighting and enough space. The entrance to the apartment should be clean and neat. It will be good to limit the number of furniture – in this way we will not allow the appearance of clutter and overloading. A large wardrobe and / or clothes rack and a shoe cabinet are enough.

If we have a small hall, from the entrance we can make the flat seem bigger. Two large mirrors hanged opposite each other or two identical lamps shining with soft light will make the space seem more spacious and friendly. A good idea when arranging the entrance area is also the use of a different floor than the rest of the house it will form a stylistic border and clearly distinguish this space from the rest of the house.

Eliminate unnecessary equipment

Many apartments are advertised as spacious. There is a reason a larger space is associated with our prestige, wealth and success. Just look at the high ceilings in pre-war tenement houses. Of course, not everyone can afford a large area, so it is worth reaching for a few proven ways to optically enlarge our homes and apartments. The simplest of them will be to eliminate any unnecessary equipment or replace them with smaller ones. Although large-size furniture is capacious, the space in which they are located is too easily dominated.


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