Don’t have a huge budget for the modular kitchen? Trying to save money for other home renovation needs? Contrary to popular belief, modular kitchens don’t have to cost a fortune, as long as you do the planning right. From a standard one-sided design to L shaped modular kitchen, there is always a choice for every home. Below is a quick overview of how you can go ahead with a budget modular kitchen.

Start with a good installer

Experts always recommend homeowners to hire a reliable, known, and experienced installer for modular kitchens. Since modules, units, shutters and cabinets are made of either engineered wood or plywood, replacement is an eventuality after a decade or two. If you hire a competent installation service, you can expect to get genuine assistance both with design and budget. Since installers have all the resources, networks, and contacts, they can get your modular kitchen done in a price tag as discussed with them.

Pay for ready designs

Yes, it is possible to customize every aspect of your modular kitchen. However, customization can be expensive, especially for homeowners who are dealing with restricted resources. Make sure that you are aware of the prices of various themes and ideas in the catalogue. Once you have ready estimates, you can select something that fits in the budget. We strongly suggest that you avoid customization, which can be very cumbersome and time-consuming, as well.

Buy a few things

Certain things, such as appliances, countertop materials, and electrical fittings, can be purchased by the client. If you think you have contacts to get these requirements at lower prices, always go for that option. Sometimes, it may make more sense if the installer is offering everything as a part of the modular kitchen cost, but again, it varies on what’s included.

Avoid the extravaganza

Not all modular kitchens are expansive and elaborate. As long as the design allows for enough storage, ensures organization and is aesthetically pleasing, you can avoid the extras. Take built-in appliances, for instance, which can be avoided. Similarly, if you don’t need an extensive number of cabinets, you can save on that, as well. You are the best judge when it comes to evaluating the needs of your modular kitchen, but take inputs from designers.

Paying for your modular kitchen

In most cases, designers and installation companies will ask for an advance, but don’t pay more than 50% at the start of the project. Also, insist on getting a warranty on the modular kitchen, which should be five years at the least. Ask relevant questions, get a clear and fair estimate, and make sure that someone from the company is accessible at all times to answer your questions.

By Sawyer Cole Harris

Sawyer Cole Harris: Sawyer, a DIY enthusiast, shares home project tutorials, woodworking tips, and creative ways to personalize your space.