Fire is a tragedy that brings about a lot of damage, stress, and expenses. Homeowners who have recently been struck by a fire, no matter how small, should consider the services of a professional Fire restoration, Columbia, Missouri company. Despite fire restoration being a solution to fire damage, many are still hesitant to hire the experts due to a few myths surrounding the service.

Here are some common myths and misconceptions about fire damage and the restoration process and the truth behind them:

Myth #1: Replacing Is Cheaper Than Restoration

Truth: Replacing isn’t always cheaper. In some cases, furniture and fixtures that are beyond repair and restoration will need replacing. However, expert fire restoration companies will professionally clean and remove all contaminates leaving the home look new.

Myth #2: Smoke Alarms Are All You Need

Truth: Smoke alarms are very useful when it comes to alerting you of fire, but it cannot help in containing the fire. All homes should invest in a sprinkler system or at the very least a fire extinguisher for added fire protection.

Myth #3: Sprinkler Systems Cause More Damage Than Fire

Truth: Water damage can occur, but sprinklers will contain and extinguish the fire and also help save lives.

Myth #4: Carpet Cleaning Results In Dirtier Carpets

Truth: In the past, this was very true and common, due to inferior cleaning equipment, tools, and techniques. Today, this no longer applies because professional fire restoration, Columbia, Missouri companies use the latest cleaning technologies available to ensure customer satisfaction.

Myth #5: Home Drying Is Complete Once The Carpets Are Dry

Truth: A very common misconception that no one should believe anymore. Carpets tend to dry faster than bigger structural materials inside the home. Only when the walls, floors, concrete, etc no longer have a high moisture content can the home be declared as fully dry.

Myth #6: Drying Will Happen Naturally And Gradually

Truth: Not at all. Drying the home after a fire should be expedited by opening up doors and windows to lessen humidity while also using fans to increase airflow. Human intervention and active drying practices are necessary to prevent water damage from spreading.

Myth #7: Fire-Damaged Homes Will Always Smell Like Smoke, No Matter What

Truth: Another common myth that has been debunked several times. The key to eliminating the smoke smell is prompt cleaning that prevents permanent damage from seeping into the home. Immediate soot and smoke residue removal by a professional restoration team will help minimize and rid the home of foul odors.

Myth #8: DIY Restoration Will Suffice

Truth: For small and very contained fires, DIY restoration can be enough. However, there is always a risk of leaving residue and odor if the restoration is not done properly. Hiring professionals for fire restoration is the only way to guarantee the home will return to its original state before the fire.

The sooner the pros can start working on restoration, the sooner you can move back in without worrying about a strong smoke smell, water damage, or a mold infestation taking over the home.

Fire restoration, Columbia, Missouri is not just any task you can ask anyone to do. Only tap the services of certified pros such as Kelley Klean restoration team. Contact us today!


By Sawyer Cole Harris

Sawyer Cole Harris: Sawyer, a DIY enthusiast, shares home project tutorials, woodworking tips, and creative ways to personalize your space.