Moving into a new property is an incredibly exhilarating experience, especially if it is to be your first. Part of the magic is the feeling that everything is under your control and the physical elements of your new building are a blank canvas for your creativity. Floor plans are scrutinised, paints are chosen, and furniture measured, all for a single purpose: to make your new property feel like a home.

This, however, isn’t always an easy task. Some will turn to luxurious purchases and decadent embellishments but soon find that they aren’t particularly warming. Others will fill their rooms with sentimental assets only to realise that the clutter brings them more stress than joy. 

With this in mind, we’re sharing five great ways to help transform your new property into one that feels like your very own welcoming space, a place of comfort that you can ultimately call home.

Personality Through Colour

To feel a connection with a space, it should project your personality The fundamentals of which are found in colour. Before adding your furniture and frames, think about the vitality you want to express in each room. The colour you choose will underpin all other elements that you introduce, complimenting or contrasting the impression they make. So, if you want a home that shares your vibrant character, then be sure to paint it bright.

Install The Utilities

The functionality of a home should match your habits. If, for example, your gadgets are often in need of charging, then be sure to consider extra plug sockets or wireless charging pads around the home, in rooms other than the bedrooms too. 

By considering the utility of your home as such, you will find your needs met with accessibility, instead of becoming flustered when you can’t quickly access the functionality that you need.

Create A Nook

Having your own secluded space, whether a reading nook or a creative studio, can make a huge difference in the comfort of your home. Beyond the functionality of your living space, such a room allows you comfort and respite. An attic conversion or garden log cabin can be exactly the space you need, allowing for total customisation in the creation of a space that’s entirely for your own indulgence.

Be Entertained

Practical means are often given priority in a new home, which is why white goods are the first products to enter. However, just because they have less practical value does not mean that entertainment assets should not be considered early on. A new property will quickly feel like home if you spend time within it and the way to do that is to encourage yourself to do so, whether with a television, library, or stereo system.

Welcome Others

It is socialising and sharing memories with family and friends that, above all else, help a house to feel like home. Be sure that, early on, you are able to invite others into your home to spend time with them, whether around a dinner table or watching a movie.

By Sawyer Cole Harris

Sawyer Cole Harris: Sawyer, a DIY enthusiast, shares home project tutorials, woodworking tips, and creative ways to personalize your space.