Like most hobby’s being the new guy can be a little bit daunting but once you take that first plunge into the world of Bonsai you will be hooked for life. Most people see Bonsai in movies or on the internet and are instantly captivated by the tree in miniature. There is a lot about Bonsai that is misunderstood which can lead to misinformation being taught about Bonsai and ultimately the failure of a persons first Bonsai Tree.

One of the most common mistakes in beginner bonsai is people being told that they can keep their Bonsai tree indoors but this is only true for a handful of species. For a tree to live indoors it needs to be a tropical species but even then it wont reach it potential as it is surviving but not thriving. Most other trees used in Bonsai are what we call temperate species meaning they needs to feel the shift in light intensity and temperature through out the growing season to know when to grow and when to protect itself.

When starting out if you can try to avoid buying bonsai from malls or hardware store as when they are sold here you will either get straight up lied to just so a sale can be made or you won’t be given proper care instructions for your tree. A lot of the times in these situations the Bonsai is also overpriced. If you can find a proper Bonsai nursery in your area this will be your best option to start out. A dedicated Bonsai nursery such as Bonsai-En can help you choose the right tree for your conditions and also help you with the correct care instructions to set you up for success in Bonsai.

Buying from a Bonsai nursery will usually be a cheaper option as well because the tree does not pass through the hands of middlemen before ending up in front of the customer meaning there isn’t as big of a mark up on the tree.

The other issue with most mall store or hardware retailers is they usually keep the Bonsai in a section that has little to no light and they water on a schedule. You will learn early on that 2 of the most important things in Bonsai is proper light and good watering technique and they larger stores get both of those 2 things very wrong which generally leads to you buying a tree that is very sick or sometimes even dead at the time of purchase, some trees like junipers which are the most popular for beginners can still look alive for up to 8 weeks after they have died which means you potentially could be buying a dead tree and then when it dies a month or 2 later you will blame yourself and likely not try again.

Once you have your tree you can get on YouTube and check out the Bonsai-En YouTube channel for free tips and tricks on the care and cultivation of Bonsai Trees.

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By Sawyer Cole Harris

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