If roofs are not about arriving and selecting any material, it is generally in the search for the most economical and convenient for the pocket, but do not forget that many times the economic long term is expensive. So that you can make an adequate roof in the construction of your house, you must study the pros and cons of each material, which of them gives you the greatest benefit against the type of construction and against the climatic conditions where you live.


This is one of the oldest materials in the history of construction. And in some places, they still do not lose validity, because they continue to enchant us with that capacity to transmit warmth and that organic and natural sensation that generates so much well-being. When we refer to wooden ceilings, we talk about beam structures made of this material, and ceilings covered in planks or wood veneers. The wooden ceilings are covered by tiles that make acoustic and thermal insulation or other waterproof materials that preserve this material from moisture.

Asbestos Cement

Today there are asbestos-free fiber cement plates that cause health damage; These plates are currently manufactured by mixing the cement with fiberglass or cellulose fibers. The properties of fiber cement are many: it is a very light, economic, and flame retardant material. Its low weight makes it very easy to transport and handle likeFine sand (ทรายละเอียด ,which is the term in Thai). Perhaps its most significant disadvantage is that the plates are quite fragile and brittle, and rare is the work in which a few do not deteriorate.


It is the most commonly used material for the design and construction of houses and buildings, being that the ceilings are manufactured in this material, using iron structures necessary for the support of the concrete roof. The concrete roof is the most used worldwide, and this is no coincidence; what happens is that if you decide to make a cement roof, you are guaranteeing impermeability, durability, and resistance, being even cheaper than the tile and more durable than timber.

By Sawyer Cole Harris

Sawyer Cole Harris: Sawyer, a DIY enthusiast, shares home project tutorials, woodworking tips, and creative ways to personalize your space.