We’re not going to deny that working condition and life aboard an industrial installation is strict and very hard. All applicants who want to work in this industry wonder how it is like to live in and work in such an environment. Definitely, the isolation of the place, the presence of hostile environment since usually, industrial installation is in the middle of the ocean, and the hot or cold weather conditions will make anybody think twice before they apply for a job.

People who want to work in this industry needs to consider that conditions may vary depending on where the platform is situated. Metallurgical, construction or drilling employees, as well as their respective assistants, will be working outdoors facing harsh conditions.

Engineers and geologists divide their task between the inside of the rig, offices, as well as deck areas enjoying the extreme working conditions. And lastly, the managers, administrative and the executive personnel will work in the office most of the time, sitting comfortably in their air-conditioned offices. Nevertheless, the working conditions have improved dramatically and in today’s world, a lot of offshore installations like MCC buildings have the same standards as a four or five-star hotel.

After the worker arrived at the platform, they are provided with all the necessary equipment and training to make sure that their stay on the rig is comfortable and safe. Everyone is equipped with safety boots, glasses, hard hat and overall. Afterward, they will be given a tour of the whole rig.

When you think of the financial return, working offshore in an oil or gas platform is very profitable. Surely, benefits and income in this line of work are considerably higher compared to similar land-based jobs. Not only that, all the expenses like accommodation, travel from the onshore headquarters of the oil or gas rig and back, as well as the food during the entire duration of the contract will be paid by the offshore company.

It means that you can bring home your salary to your family, untouched. It is why even working on a local offshore oil and gas rig is very promising. Although working outside of the United States is more attractive financially. A lot of these gas or oil platforms are based on places like Brazil, Venezuela, North Sea, Scandinavian coast, Gulf of Mexico and of course, the Middle East. It means that the employees need to fly on the other side of the world to reach their workplace or to meet friends and family. All the travel expenses, back and forth, will be shouldered by the company.

Shift and schedules are another essential matter to be discussed. They differ depending on the offshore company and the kind of position workers applied for. A common type of working schedule consists of 14 days of work duty and followed by 21 days off.

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Another system is based on one or two-week work schedule, rotating off the rig for the same period. There is also a one-month work duty and one month off. And lastly, there is also the type of working schedule which let the workers finish their job before they can have a day, week or month off because of the specialty of the service.

Hourly schedules may differ from 80 to 100 hours a week, which might look like a tiring and very long working week. But the company needs to consider that the workers are in their workplace 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which avoids the issues innate in land-based jobs like getting up in the morning hurriedly and drive to their workplace or having a snack or a meal hastily.

On the other hand, time off is one of the most attractive parts of this job. There are a few jobs on the market today that offer the employees a lot of time to be with their friends and families or carry out their familiar and private activities.

While on an offshore rig, workers can spend their time off in different events, amusements and amenities, because a lot of modern offshore installations offer a wide range of leisure activities that are designed to make sure that their worker’s stay will be safe, enjoyable and comfortable. There will be satellite television and phones, a wide range of videos and gaming consoles, sauna, gym, and most importantly, the Internet, to stay connected with their loved ones.

By Sawyer Cole Harris

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